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Cordelia Violet

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Cordelia Violet



January 22nd, 2009

It's been so long..

I haven't written in this journal in a really long time.

Actually, I came on here tonight to delete it but, something, something deep withing me made me stop from clicking "delete this journal" and made me come here to compose a new one.

I wish there were new fantasies and day dreams that I could share with my fictional audience but there is just as much going on in my little mind as there are readers to my blog.

Originally I created this dirtybabygirl journal to coincide with sexually explicit stories that I had planned on writing and publishing on a taboo erotica site. This site intrigues me so much, it was the first place were I went and found other people all over the world that have the same dreams and fantasies that I myself have as well.

It might not all be the same, some stories are a lot more sexually violent or plain-ol' gross for my taste, but the fact that it is THERE really has been a huge difference in my life and I have stopped hating myself so much for wanting to be a little girl.

My biggest challenge as of late is trying to find a unison between my adult woman life and the screaming little girl that rages to come out, wear dolly lolita clothing and be babied by her Daddy. Like for example the other day I had to go to McDonald's to get a happy meal.. they had My Little Ponies! Those evil corporate bastards go me, and I love it! I've got two so far and have been itching to get the entire collection. Oh and don't even get me started on Hello Kitty! It's like I'm slowly reverting into being a child. And I like it :D

There is one of thing that has been killing me. I don't have any friend. No girls to chat with or go to the mall, no boys to go out to the movies or out to dinner, no groups of friends walking around downtown like I used to in high school and even during college going out to clubs with my room mates was so exciting! I haven't done anything exciting except to this little bar on New Years' Eve and it was really hard for me to even want to go out alone.

If I don't figure out a way to get out and meet some new people I'm going to drive myself crazy! I need human interaction & most of all, I need people I can be a little girl with :(

October 14th, 2006

daddy only =P


daddy only

this is a fictional journal that i use to write about age play and other taboo stories that come out of my mind. this is a way for me to take back all the sexual abuse i've experienced as a child & young adult. please don't be disrespectful or rude because you do not understand such things

xoxo babygirl <3

p.s. if you would like to be my sissy please leave me a message. babygirl loves having sissys & play friends xxx
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